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Interest commercial led grow lights reviews for plants

Imagine being able to have fresh vegetables for your table in the dead of winter. Growing plants indoors is something that can now be done year-round, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. All it takes is a few simple tips and the best commercial led grow lights for plants and you can have this kind of luxury all the time!If you are looking for the right hydroponic light for your planting efforts then we¡¯ve got the LED grow light reviews you need to read.Growing hydroponic plants is no easy matter. In fact, the best experts in the field can even make careers out of it! Of course, not everyone wants to make their career out of hydroponic agriculture, and even those who do might not know where to get started. When it comes to growing plants in a hydroponic setting, making sure you have the appropriate equipment is essential.

About our technology

We were among the first companies in china to offer direct to consumer commercial led grow lights. We design our lighting, conduct realtime research in live grow environments that are under our control, and most importantly we fully understand what it takes to grow premium quality flowering plants under LED.Over three years of dedicated testing time has gone into the development of the Interest Grow LED line alone. We're proud of the technology we produce and we strive as a company to bring this advancement to indoor growing to the public at a realistic price point.
Each model we produce is unique to our company. We ensure each and every unit sold is manufactured to exacting tolerances.Please be assured that our products are the absolute state of the art when it comes to this technology and are continuously being improved upon in regards to performance and efficiency.As a grower you receive all of the benefits of HID lighting and none of the hassle!Achieve all of the benefits of growing quality fruiting plants with HID and forget about the hassles of excess heat production, added cost of air conditioning,costly wiring upgrades, bulb replacements, bulb explosions and fire, reflectors and unreliable ballasts. Our technology is the future of indoor gardening and we welcome you to join us.

Our commercial led grow lights Advantage

1. Original import chip guarantee that lifespan and PAR, ideal for promoting photosynthesis.
2. Special lenses design, magnify that chip effect, 60 90 120 degree lenses, providing more footprint than HPS light.
3. Fully customizable spectrum, 12 band spectrum for customer choice. Red are mainly 630nm 660nm, 660nm spectrum is better than 630nm spectrum for plant flowering. Desipte that 660nm cost is higher than 630nm, we insist that product quality is best and take more 660nm for customer.
4. Take silence fan, lower noise, special appearance deisgn with certain radian.
5. Auminum heat dissipation grow led lighting, lower that temperature, extend that lifespan, reaching that UL standard.6.3W led chip.
7.60 90 120 degree lenses.
8.Silence fan, special cover design in four corner.
9.Aluminum cooling system, Unique heat dissipation, optics, structure, power design, pure aluminum, led temperature below 40¡ã.
10.20% PAR and design idea higher than industry same level which we use original import chips, special lens
deisgn, driver efficiency above 90%.
11.Convenient maintenance, automatic production, 3 years warranty.
12.Best for growing, flowering, fruiting etc. Full spectrum(12 band) recommended.
13.Patend Product.

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