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About Customized LEDS Ratio,LED plant light performance is good or bad?

   This is the problem buyer ask most in the consulting and also the hardest to answer.Because there are many different kinds of plants and flowers,blossom and yield fruit,blossom and yield fruit, Fleishigs,long leaves after flowering, first flowering then grow. There are leafy vegetables(such as spinach, lettuce), have roots like (such as lettuce, carrots), and so on. It is vary from different plants type you face.please do not forget about the spectrum of (Lettuce red:blue 4:1 fruits strawberry.
red:blue 5:1 from practice proved it is awesome). Hard to define Exact answer to the plant is suitable for the configuration of the plant light. I will teach you a simple way. We should know that Red and blue proportion of Sun light at about 6.8:1. Take it as a reference, flowers, foliage, or leafy vegetables, configuration choice should below 6.8: 1. Because the blue light is advantageous to the growth of plant leaves, so take more blue light in your lamp.Flower in the flowering phase can choose 6.8 above, the red light more, because the red light is beneficial to plants blossom and bear fruit.From little strain to bloom
throughout the growing season will need light, choose 6-7:1 will be enough. In fact, there is also a vital factor we should take it into consideration,Whether LED plant light performance is good or bad, the key is the quality of LED light-emitting diodes.Because of the light emitting diode manufacturers is of varying
quality. produced red and blue lights LEDS quality also vary widely.Some manufacturer use LEDS which cost a few cents to produce lamp , their products can set at lower prices, but this kind of plant lamp is lack of photosynthetic efficiency which can hardly guarantee the good growth of the plants, Interest plant lamp choose reliable producer of LEDS source ,High luminous intensity, pure light color, good consistency and committed to produce high quality LED plant light which is ideal for your plant cultivation.
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