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The Ladder Series LQ002 24x3w LED Aquarium Lights:
Dimensions: 900X50X28.8mm
Weight: 1.2kg/pcs
Actual Wattage: 45w¡À10%
Lenses: 60/90/120 degree
Total Diodes: 24pcs
Diode Wattage: 3w
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Power Input
Work Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Amperage: 600mA
Package: 4pcs/box
Standard Configuration: LED Light x1, 1.5m Power line x1, Hanging Kits x 1.

Ladder Series LQ002 900mm 24x3w Best for Aquarist Growth And Breeding Indoor LED Aquarium Lighting


Ladder Series LQ002 24x3w LED Aquarium Light Advantage
1. 24pcs 3 w LED Chip, 60 90 120 degree lenses.
2. Al6063 shell cover, prolong lifespan, improve the effectiveness and stability.
3. Convenient maintenance, automatic production, faster delivery.
4. Best for aquatic organisms breeding, can completely replace the natural light, to promote the growth of aquatic organisms.
5. Easy way to installation, There are installation groove in Two sides and rear side. Can be adjusted by actual needs.
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Why does Ladder Series LQ002 24x3w LED aquarium lighting best for aquarist growth and breeding?
1. Original import chip guarantee that lifespan and PAR, ideal for promoting photosynthesis.
2. Special lenses design, magnify that chip effect, 60 90 120 degree lenses, providing more footprint than Metal halide and Compact Fluorescents.
3. Blue light, it is more important for growth of coral, duckbill fish and shrimp, promote the coral calcium absorption, synthesis of Vitamin D3, make its healthily growing. White light, best for aquatic plants growth, promote photosynthesis of aquatic plants. Other red, green and purple light, protection the health of aquatic organisms, and make the color of them more vivid.
4. High degree of suture and sealing, perfectly isolated from dust and water, in order to protect the LEDS Better, prolong lifespan.
5. Aluminum heat dissipation led aquarium light, lower that temperature, extend that lifespan, reaching that UL standard.
led for plant growth
LED Aquarium Lighting Application:
Ideal for all phases of coral, fish, aquatic plants and all aquatic organisms growth and provide ornamental fixture, promote the photosynthesis of coral and aquatic plants and the growth and development of aquatic organisms. In fish tank, large aquarium, aquatic plants and animals breeding workshop, some aquarium organisms museums and more aquarium related sites, you can see its.

Interest commercial led grow lights and LED Aquarium Lighting Manufacturer
After years of rigorous research and development, Interest develop different series led grow light, including gemstone series led grow light, diamond series grow lamp, explore series led grow lamp, demeter series grow light, aura seires, ladder series commercial led grow lights. For LED Aquarium Lights bar, we also have two series, 400mm 600mm 900mm aura series and 600mm 900mm 1200mm ladder series coral reef/grass plant LED aquarium lighting.
Why are Interest grow led lighting and led plant aquarium light best for plant growth and coral reef?
1. The equipment and materials to produce hydroponics led grow light and marine aquarium led light fixture imported from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Unites States, such as automatic SMT machine, reflow soldering machine, all kinds of electric test equipment, large integrating sphere and such sorts of production and R&D equipment.
2. Appearance design insist that simple, elegant, reliable durable, grow led ligning and LED Aquarium Lights bar quality insist that high quality and constanly improve that product function, like wifi dimmable and intelligent model.
3. LED grow light design is in pursuit of longer lifespan, higher PAR to stimulate plant growh and flowering, strenghten photosynthesis and yields.
4. LED aquarium lighting design try to do IP68 waterproof, as that UL requirement.
5. More choice for customer, no matter appearance deisng and footprint size and function choose, you require, we achieve that.
This is why grower agreeing that Interest led grow light and LED Aquarium Lights bar are best for plant growht and flowering, enjoys a high reputation in grow led lamp and aquarium led light fields throughout Europe and America etc.

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